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News / A&O partners with iWTX for global connectivity to B2B trade partners.

A&O partners with iWTX for global connectivity to B2B trade partners.

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A&O and iWTX finalise a two-way integration between A&O and iWTX. A&O’s entire hotel product portfolio will be available as a supplier to the global B2B distribution network of iWTX.

"With iWTX, we have found a strategic technology partner, which connects us particularly to our B2B trade partners. In addition, we are simplifying the very successful collaboration with DERTOUR and ITS, who are already integrated with iWTX- and can finally connect real-time with other major tour operators as we have successfully done with our OTA partners. And all this with minimal effort, "says Oliver Winter, General Manager of A&O.

IWTX acts both as a marketplace and distributor between seller (A&O) and buyer (tour operators & travel agents) and enables cloud-based changes in content and rates in real-time depending on the country, region, time zone and customer.

"We are thrilled to have A&O as part of our supplier network in iWTX. With our global reach to major tour operators around the world, A&O can get both their product feed & bookings, real-time with the trade partner’s core booking systems." Says Faisal Memon, Founder & CEO of Illusions Online & iWTX. "We have made huge investments in the last 2 years to have seamless integration with the complex cache structures required by tour operators in Germany as well as providing a real-time API connectivity to product prices, availability, content and bookings for the other markets. With one single technical integration, our buyers get access to a global marketplace content comprising of DMCs and direct hotels" "Oliver is a visionary and we look forward to working closely with him and his team to a very successful relationship between A&O and iWTX.", concluded Memon.

The term is currently set at one year with a flexible extension. New interface partners are activated at any time on the A&O request. In addition to China, the A&O Group is currently expanding its sales network in the UK; Southern Europe and Scandinavia.


Founded in 1999, A&O HOTELS and HOSTELS have been operating 19 hostels in 19 cities and four countries (Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic) since the year 2000. A&O Hotels and Hostels is currently the largest independent hostel in Europe. The A&O Group offers travelers around 22,000 beds, and in 2015 it recorded more than 3.2 million overnight stays and sales of around 97 million euros. At present, the chain grows with over 25 per cent p.a., more houses are planned.

A&O unite Hostel (Book Orange) and Hotel (Book Blue) under one roof. Seminar rooms, breakfast buffet, lobby and bars are always available in both categories. Around 17,500 class trips annually use the hostel parts of the chain, 70 percent of the guests book their overnight stays online. A&O's target groups are Leisure / Städtetourismus (30 per cent), group / class travel (55 per cent) and business tourism (15 per cent).

The company operates at all locations. A&O is 4-star QMJ and 2-star DEHOGA certified, tested by TÜV for the "Youth Hostel Quality Standard" and carries the youth travel quality seal of the German travel network. For the third consecutive year, the A&O Group receives the Double A rating of the TREUGAST Solutions Group.

The chain is actively involved in sports and education and has been supporting the SOS Children's Village since 2004, the youth sport of the 1. FC Union Berlin, since 2014 the youth sport of the SK Sturm Graz and the SV Viktoria Pilsen since 2016

About Illusions/iWTX:

Illusions was founded in 1997 and has been focused on providing Enterprise Cloud solutions for its global customer base of DMCs and Tour Operators. It encompasses the automation of every business process within a travel organization.

Illusions also owns and successfully operates iWTX (Illusions World Travel eXchange) which was originally created for connecting Illusions tour operator customers to its DMC customers for getting access to real-time land product, including hotels, transfers, activities & tours.

In a very short time, iWTX has built a comprehensive network of some of the biggest travel players in the industry who are all connected to the marketplace, either as a supplier or a buyer or both. iWTX has an open connectivity standard called iWTX Connect which allows any third-party travel supplier like global hotel chains, individual hotels or DMCs (sellers) to push its product rates, inventory & information into iWTX and get instant access to its global distribution network. It also easily allows tour operators & OTAs (buyers) to consume all of the marketplace products using one technical interface.

The buyers & sellers can agree to have a commercial agreement between each other and use iWTX as a platform or they can opt to use iWTX as a distributor and supplier as well.

The vision for iWTX is to be the biggest travel marketplace for hotels, transfers, tours & activities and allow seamless connectivity between the players in the industry.